I Guess I’m a Hot Air Balloon!


So… I’ve never thought of myself as a hot air balloon, but I am! Haha. This isn’t necessarily true, but I was told about an analogy that was absolutely true. I have trouble “finding myself”. I was told by a great person that I’m like a hot air balloon.

OKAY, let me explain this analogy. You’re probably thinking, “Oh my gosh what in the world is this girl talking about?? A hot air balloon?? What??” So I was talking to someone about some issues in life. He told me that I’m like a hot air balloon when they are attached to weights on the ground about to let go into the air.

He told me that I’m already blown up: This means that I have lived my life so far. I have my morals and values that I grew up with. I have somewhat of a structure that I live on.

He told me that I have the little fire already going: This means that this fire is Christ inside me. I have this fire inside me that is lighted and others need to see that light inside me.

He told me that I’m still attached to the weights at this time in my life: This means that I am trying to figure out who I am. I’m trying to figure out who I want to be. The ties that are connected by the weights have to be untied when I learn who I am and what I want. Once I figure these things out, I’m able to be FREE. I can be untied from the weights and let go to be ME!

He also talked about when you go to a hot air balloon “race” or something like that we notice how pretty all the hot air balloons are. They are all very unique. That is just like everyone in this world!! We are all beautiful and unique in different ways!

I was in awe when he told me about this awesome analogy. It made me finally get where I am in life. I am so thankful for this analogy and understanding.

Lately I’ve been pretty busy. I started my Level 2 field experiences for my teacher education procedure. I love it! I’m in a kindergarten class and enjoy going each time! The students honestly make my day every time that I’ve gone this past week. It is so exciting!!! Work has been awesome as always. I’ve made some good friendships at work! We are getting a lot of new people for the seasons, so it’s crazy how many people I’ve been meeting lately! I actually have gotten to train two girls in the past couple weeks. It’s so fun getting to know new people! Life is pretty good right now. I’m sitting at my home in Albia watching TV and writing my blog. This is a typical night at home, and I have missed this very much. I’m going to spend the day tomorrow watching my awesome brother play soccer. I plan on reading a lot during the day since I have to write a paper over the book this week!!! I definitely procrastinated. I hope to have a great weekend with my awesome parents and brother. Home is definitely where the heart is.

Do something good for someone else! 🙂


About jessicagravert

I'm twenty years old and go to the University of Northern Iowa where I'll be a junior. I plan on being an elementary teacher after I graduate. Maybe a Special Education teacher or a Literacy teacher. Whatever God takes me, I'll go!!! I have loving friends and family who I spend most of my time with. Hope you enjoy my blog :)

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